Company History

The company was founded by two business partners in 2021, one with expert knowledge in Supply Chain and the other with a wealth of experience in Agritech. Together, they formed a JV now known as TOYIN MACROCOM KURIMA SOLUTIONS to collectively use their expertise and resources to lunch a TILLAGE and commercial farming business based in Southern Africa.

Business Goals and Objectives

To successfully farm a combined 15000 hectares of land for crop production in Zimbabwe and Zambia for sale and tillage service to food production companies and trading houses.

Growth Strategy

Creating liaisons with multinational food production companies to establish the correct demand structures, Combining multiplex resources from across the aisle to meet production demand, Simplifying processes through a robust and modern Agri-tech based methods.

Company Vision

To become a leading producer of essential crops for the Global Market.

Company Mission

To successfully farm 10000 hectares by 2022.


We are persistent on quality and determinations. Integrity, Honesty, Trust, Accountability, Commitment to Customers, Passion, Continuous Learning, Ownership, Constant Improvement, Leadership, Quality and Teamwork